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The Warranty policy includes the products(warranty date is valid once the goods is delivered ):
Electrocardiograph, Multi-parameters monitor.
 1.main body for 18 months, includes: main board, control board, printer head, LCD display screen, motor, adapter, power button, paper cabinet and some related parts;
  2. accessories and battery for 6 months, includes: battery, power cable, patient cable, patient cable adapt, chest electrodes, limb electrodes, SpO2 sensor, SpO2 extension cable, cuffs, cuff connect pipe, temp probe, fetal probe and related accessories;
  3. The situation as follows is out of policy above mentioned, includes: fuse, external packaging, operation manual, disposable electrodes, grounding cable, band belt, electric gel, printing paper, ruler, binding belt etc.
The chargeable situations are listed below:
 1.the goods is damaged by usage mistakes, maintained by user or careless kept;
  2. the installation is done by none official technical services companies from Oriental Science(includes repaired by user himself );
  3. maintain without any official receipts or relevant purchase documents;
  4. the purchase document or relevant official receipt has been revised or changed;
  5. within the situation of natural damages;
  6. out of warranty deadline;
  7. any items are excluded the warranty policy

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